Tuesday, April 28, 2009


April 28, 2009

We took the boys into Boston for their eye exams. Boston is getting a bad rep. for Mikey - all he thinks about are tests, doctors, and "blood" (anything with a tube attached). We decided to go ahead and act like a tourist for a brief moment. Charlie, Sean , Michael and I took a Duck Boat Tour. It was great. Sean soaked up all the facts and remembered many lessons from school. Michael commented the entire time on the people, our super-big boat, and anything he could think of. As soon as that was over we headed off to the doctor. Michael announced loudly he doesn't like this doctor - he remembers the eye drops! We managed through the events and after about 3 hours we were set to leave. One note: Michael has been complaining about his eyes feeling like sandpaper when he is thirsty. He has the same bumpy skin on his eyeballs and on the tissues around his eyes that he has on his knees and elbows...it's bumpy and dry! We have new eye drops for this. It will be interesting to see if any drops get into his eyes. Sean will get new glasses and we will see if Michael needs any in October. Next trip to Boston will be less tourist-y. We head in next Monday for a morning and afternoon appointment, after that off to Waltham for gastro..