Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's April vacation and we have almost finished our annual April doctor visits. Michael is doing fine. During the winter Michael was getting tired and sick. He often had to rest after school and miss evening activities or other weekend things. It turns out that Michael's asthma was out of control and he was anemic again. We changed his asthma medication and regular routine, as well as his spacer. This helped. Michael was also started on mega-doses of iron to help. As of 4/21/10 we are reducing the amount of iron by half. Good news for Michael.

We continue to do weekly Sub-Q treatments at home. These aren't a favorite weekend activity but Michael does understand they are needed. We are grateful for all the blood donations that help make IgG treatments possible. It is with these treatments that Michael is healthy enough to be a five year old.

Last June Michael started taking Tae Kwon Do to help with his endurance issues. Although he misses many classes due to health, he has continued and has earned his yellow belt. Michael can't wait to earn his next stripe. He recently finished a 50 minute class that was very challenging. Michael was very proud of himself for finishing.

During the winter we added to our family. We now have a lovely Labrador puppy named Seamus. He currently weighs more than Michael and will for the next many years. Seamus is a great dog. He has learned many things and will continue with training. Michael loves having a dog. We are looking forward to many happy times with Seamus.

Michael will turn 6 next month. He has been on IgG treatments now for more than half his life. Michael's treatments will continue for several more months. At some point he will be taken off to better assess his own immune system. We are working with more doctors to gain insight into Michael's knee and leg pain, as well as his endurance and heat issues. There are no quick answers. Michael mouth sores seems to have lessened although his skin rashes have increased. All these things are charted so patterns can be studied. We hope for some solid answers this year.

Thanks for caring and keeping Michael in your thoughts!