Thursday, May 7, 2009

May check in

Hello -
Michael and I went to MGH for the day on Monday May 4. We spent the morning with his immunologist and after a brief lunch (chocolate milk and an apple) we met with another specialist. The appointments went well. Michael has grown in height and weight. The weight gain was big, as last year at this time we were looking at an 8 pound loss.

Michael has been on IVIG or SUBQ treatments for a year and he has shown gains in living more "normally". The IgG replacement treatments have helped him stay a bit healthier.

The MGH day ended with blood work - Michael hates this! We found a new gift shop in Yawkey and Michael picked up some Cheetos. This took his attention away from the bool test for a bit. During the blood drawing Michael was less than happy, but the MGH staff was great with him. We will get the results soon. We will see if Michael needs a larger dose of IgG and/or more iron supplements.

Other than that we are getting ready for him to go to school next fall.
Take care and thanks for reading!